Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Taking over and operational management of the water and sanitation service


In principle the taking over of water and sanitation operation services consists in structuring the start-up of a public service with the help of support from external operational units and the implementation of an immediate action plan. As a veritable center of expertise, and with the advantage of a versatile team of professionals and experts that subscribe to its philosophy for action, LYSA fits seamlessly into this approach.

It has become its specialty, particularly as regards the most critical aspects for start-up which determine the viability of the service in the short and medium terms:

  • organizational, financial and technical-commercial auditing
  • strategic planning and emergency investment plan
  • customer management, optimization of revenue
  • and change management.

LYSA's approach is designed to foster the objective of autonomous operation and professionalization of the local structures and public water and sanitation services, thanks to range of services which cover all the components of the operational management of water and sanitation, LYSA's core expertise:


  • Service demand evaluation, affordability and willingness to pay
  • Diagnosis of infrastructures
  • Commercial management
  • Social engineering
  • Pro-poor strategies and service offer in disadvantaged areas
  • Public information and communication on service milestones and results to users, local authorities and players
  • Operation and preventive maintenance of the network
  • Metering management
  • Production management
  • Customer information management
  • Monitoring and reduction of Non-Revenue Water, network yield
  • Water resources management
  • Control of the quality of the water produced and distributed
  • Property inventory and management
  • Financial and accounting management
  • Management Delegation to small private operators or public management committees