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Development of human resources, operational coaching and training

Public services companies are showing growing interest in developing human resources within their organization. This trend corresponds to the need to improve the quality of the service that only competent, responsible personnel can provide.
Also, for reasons of effectiveness and profitability, the company must optimize the overall cost of employees, hence the necessity to restructure the workforce according to strategic objectives.

The training needs of the personnel in public service companies are generally relatively high. Three main categories of personnel are concerned: qualified and semi-qualified personnel, supervisory personnel and management personnel.

In most of its contracts, LYSA is thus called upon to deal with the "human resources development", "management method and strategy (coaching)", and "training" aspects, whether in the context of global operation projects that it has direct responsibility for, or in the form of separate services remunerated according to its performance, on the specific components of operational management.

LYSA's offer is made up of:

  • In situ operational training and managerial coaching, organized by LYSA's experts
  • Training and coaching of managers within specialized organizations (e.g.: AgroParistech);
  • Training of instructors

In order to ensure the continuity of these actions in the long-term, LYSA also provides support in starting up local centers for the training of personnel in operational specializations.