Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Principles of governance

With the will to contribute efficiently, at its own level, to the achievement of the Millennium campaign objectives, LYSA has adopted demanding principles of governance: transparency from the analysis of the projects and then in all daily action, efficient management devoid of speculation. The shareholders do not receive dividends, and profits improve our cash-flow for new projects. These principles which galvanise and motivate all those working in the group allow LYSA to intervene in financially difficult situations with a spirit of sharing and solidarity.

As employees of LYSA, we commit ourselves fully alongside those who are fighting against corruption, and who wish to exclude all possibility of corruption in the projects in which we take part. We would like to maintain a transparent management approach between our partners, customers, suppliers and administrations, in the context of our projects with respect to all actions and methods.

We adhere to the Water Integrity Network (WIN), an international organization to promote anti-corruption solutions, and we place this commitment under the control of the AQUAORBI Association to whom we give access to all our information, and which can be accessed to ascertain the best way forward, in a given situation in our affairs.