Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Delegated management of water and sanitation - Acuaviva, Palmira

  • Localization: 
    Valle del Cauca (Columbia)
  • Contract type: 
  • Funder: 
    Colombian institutions
  • Contract duration: 
    15 years


In the context of a 15-year delegated management contract, LYSA's subsidiary ACUAVIVA raised its quality of service to the level of the most efficient companies in the country.


LYSA's delegated management has made it possible to achieve international standards of quality of service

ACUAVIVA is the drinking water and sanitation service provider in a Colombian town with 360,000 inhabitants and 50,000 users, set up in the framework of LYSA's 15-year delegation contract [link with Delegation management contract], which began in 1997. LYSA is a shareholder of ACUAVIVA (49%) alongside the local authority (40%) and local private shareholders (11%).

In 13 years the quality of service and management indicators have attained a level corresponding to international standards. The drinking water cover is greater than 99.9% and the invoice collection rate is higher than 99.8%.

ACUAVIVA Indicators 1997 2011
Drinking water cover rate 85% 99%
Sanitation cover rate 77% 98%
Drinking water continuity (hours per day)  19/24 * 24/24
Collection rate (%)  68% 99%
Unaccounted for water index (%)  42% 26%

* with pressure drops

ACUAVIVA is classed top of most efficient companies in Colombia

In a survey of drinking water and sanitation service providers in the largest towns in the country published in 2010, the National Commission for drinking water regulation classed LYSA's subsidiary ACUAVIVA top of the table for the efficiency of its administrative and operational costs. Thus the quality of service is linked to the management performance.