Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Supervision of drinking water and sanitation works

The quality of the supervision determines the performance and operability of water and wastewater systems and all the more so the quality of service provided to the population.

Throughout its technical assistance and delegated management projects in the last 20 years, LYSA has already been confronted, before taking operational control of the services, with the problem of defective work on the network and on the infrastructure, non-compliance with specific technical requirements, insufficient supervision that has been detrimental to the deployment and expansion of the service, the achievement of the objectives that have been set and has delayed the achievement of financial equilibrium in some cases for several years.

For this reason, thanks to the experience it has acquired and to meet its commitments on service performance, LYSA offers a complete supervision service which covers all the missions in the trade, from the preliminary technical design project to the final acceptance of the work, and including the objective assessment of bids in the event of the award of contracts and the supervision of work. This supervision service, which can be translated into counter-supervision in accordance with the requirements of the project leader, can be coupled with the control of operation to ensure a better transition and guarantee the operability of the system from the first day in service.