Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Operational and commercial diagnosis


The different components of the project were designed to:

  • increase the cover of the services by means of self-financing technical, economic and financial schemes
  • incorporate environmental type actions
  • improve the quality of the services provided to the population
  • modernise the management method

The four phases of the project:

Phase 1

Phase 1 was made up of the performance of all activities aimed at quantifying the different types of loss; This involved compiling a data bank characterising the situation at the beginning of the project. At the same time a complete diagnosis of the installations themselves and of the operation of the management units was carried out.

The 3 parts of phase 1

  • Preliminary diagnosis of the water supply system
  • Field surveys and additional analyses
  • Diagnosis of the operational functions and management of subscribers

Phase 2

Phase 2 involved the preparation of the Action Plan for the reduction of losses in operational districts on the basis of the preliminary diagnosis carried out in Phase 1.

The Action Plan included in particular the following components:

  • delimitation and consolidation of the operational sectors
  • compilation of the subscriber metering data
  • macro metering project
  • sectorisation project
  • constitution of a databank for monitoring losses
  • application of the guidelines of the preliminary diagnosis
  • development of an overall and integrated action plan in the three pilot districts

Phase 3

Phase 3 involves the implementation and monitoring of the corrective action in the Action Plan in the three pilot districts.

This required simultaneous formation of teams in EMBASA, and the assessment of the effectiveness, the cost and the results of the methods put in place.

These analyses related particularly to the following points:

  • operation of the information system in the pilot districts
  • supervision of the subcontracted services
  • assessment of the cost of the various interventions
  • cost/benefit analysis of the various corrective actions
  • partial and final technical reports

Phase 4

Phase 4 involved the development of the Action Plan for the entire water supply system in Salvador.

It was based on the following considerations:

  • consolidation of the data in the preliminary diagnosis and of the results obtained in Phase 3 in the pilot districts
  • exploitation of the database and of the information system in the pilot districts
  • cost/benefit analysis of the corrective action put in place