Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Result-based services

In the specialised fields of drinking water and urban sanitation, LYSA commits its skills to missions whose results, agreed with its Customer, determine its remuneration.

LYSA attaches great importance to understanding the needs expressed by its Customer, and to the joint determination of the issues and objectives of the project for which it is carrying out a mission, and which is necessarily part of an action plan and involves shared responsibilities. It brings with it a desire for transparency in the exchange of information and in perceptions all through the project, from the initial situation, at each different stage of the mission, and right up to the final result.

From the initial identification of the issues and from the joint assessment of the results obtained, will flow a framework result for the participants in the project that LYSA's mission fits into. This framework result will help shape the missions of those involved, and their contributions to the desired final result. LYSA's remuneration will be linked to the achievement of the result, and in the same way the result achieved also determines the allocation of resources to the other participants, or their own remuneration. 

This empowering dynamic that is built around LYSA's result-based missions, creates a powerful sense of shared objectives which breaks down cultural barriers and encourages the development of new, more efficient behaviours. 

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