Engagés pour l'eau et l'assainissement urbains

Modes of Action

LYSA's missions as a drinking water and sanitation operator adviser

LYSA contributes to the operational efficiency of drinking water and sanitation services in medium-sized towns in developing countries. LYSA's intervention integrates into projects in several ways. The common thread is that this intervention is part of the framework of responsibilities shared between the players and that its remuneration is for a large part dependent on achieving results.

When LYSA receives a delegated management mission, it is the results of this management themselves, under the supervision of the delegating authority, which constitute its remuneration according to rules agreed in the delegation contract. When LYSA is awarded a service contract which is conditional on achieving results, then it is on the basis of the results obtained within the framework of the responsibilities shared between the players, that a substantial variable part of its remuneration is assessed.